So what's this all about then? Well, in a nutshell is a one of a kind. It's not a professional site run by a team of staff, it's a personal website designed, created and maintained by me, TieGuyUK. I put my heart and soul into it and what surprises most people is that *gasp* it does not contain any nudity. Not because I'm a prude. I just enjoy a playful, less is more approach and have no interest in running a porn site. I started the site 13 years ago because I found everything online too intimidating. I just wanted to have some playful fun and that is what is all about. Fun. When most people hear the word 'bondage' it conjures up all sorts of images in their heads. Gimp masks, S&M, rubber, leather, people on all fours getting spanked, stuff like that but none of that has anything to do with bondage. To read my thoughts on the subject check out a rant I wrote on my blog about it HERE.

Because of its lightheartedness the site seems to have naturally evolved over the years into a bit of a springboard for lads that want to dip their toe in the water with this sort of thing. It attracts a lot of young lads who are curious and like the idea of trying something fun in a safe environment so it mainly features guys aged between 18 and 25. I would really like to feature some more mature guys but the trouble is, they just don't apply. I guess because they're older they've probably done their experimenting and moved onto other stuff.

For every complex tie that I do there's a fun escape challenge to go alongside it. The most intense thing you will see is a bit of playful teasing over clothes and even then it's only done if agreed upon previously. There are no whips and chains. You won't see domination or anything hardcore so if you're into pup play, master/slave or anything that is supposed to be taken seriously then boy are you in the wrong place. I don't do roleplay because I'm likely to crack up laughing. I do not have a dominant personality in the slightest and I'm more likely to offer you a cuppa than tell you to get on all fours and drink out of a bowl. Asking you to take off your shoes when you arrive is probably about as dominant as I'll get and even then I'll probably say please :-)

Although I don't have a pro setup I go out of my way to create what I consider to be great images. There are videos too but much like the pictures they are not planned, staged or filmed for the purpose of turning you on. The camera simply rolls and captures some of the fun so you can feel more involved with the site and the people on it.

For many many years it was entirely free because it was never about creating paid for content. But with popularity comes page hits and with page hits comes bandwidth and demand for updates which all takes time and money and so slowly it evolved into what it is today. It's not a money making website because it's a niche of a niche but it does ok. It's a labour of love and always has been. What the site makes goes back into it with travel, hosting, admin costs etc and on a good month it can buy some rope and tape.

Wanna join in the fun? Then click HERE :-)

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